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Monday, July 13, 2009

A Big Weekend in the Garden

I spent my weekend filling these four beds with layers of autumn leaves, stable manure, lucerne hay, very old sheep manure & topsoil.
I am officially knackered after this effort!

But I couldn't rest as next came the great potato experiment.
In the top bed I laid down cardboard, placed the seed potatoes on it, covered with stable manure & lastly lucerne hay.
As the potatoes sprout they will be covered with more & more lucerne.
The bottom bed you can see had the works in terms of manures, organic matter & topsoil.
Both beds had Coliban, Nicola, Sebago & Desiree certified seed potatoes planted in them.
It will be interesting to see which bed performs the best.
Reuse & recycle is my motto.
I have used the base from an old bed as a trellis for my peas.

In front of the Melbourne Market Dwarf peas are Brocoletti & along the sides are Fordhook Giant silverbeet.

These are my favourite gardening books.

A big thanks to Frogdancer who came up with the idea to recycle empty toilet rolls by using them as seedling starters.

Fold down the 2 sides

Turn & fold down the "pointy" ends

Neaten the inside if necessary with the end of a fork/spoon/screwdriver etc.

And voila, seedling tubes ready to fill

The star of my winter garden