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Monday, September 1, 2014

Strawberries Please

I confess (hanging my head in shame) to letting my strawberry patch run wild, it has steadily decreased fruit production over the years while expending all its energy into runners.
I haven't weeded, thinned, fertilized or looked after them in general so I'm now reaping what I sowed.

So to make amends I have purchased from Diggers

10 x Hokowase - exceptionally sweet & early fruiting Japanese strawberry
20 x Cambridge Rival - sweet, rich and fragrant English heirloom strawberry

and I promise to look after them.

Once I plant them that is, as they are currently languishing on my kitchen bench...

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

For My Birthday I received...

I've always said that if we can't eat it I'm not going to waste water on it.
These are my only exception.

I chose two Twin Colour Patio  Roses from Garden Express.  
The 2 varieties (Burgundy & Iceberg) are specially grafted onto a 55-60cm rootstock.  

Thank you Jon & Kiara xxx

In My Mini Orchard #2

Mmmmm yum Narrabeen Plum

Was first introduced to these when picking fruit for extra $ while the kids were at school

Red skin with sweet but tangy yellow flesh, freestone, great for eating fresh, stewing & jam.

NB Needs a blood plum for pollination, I originally had a Mariposa but it didn't survive the first summer so replanted with a Santa Rosa.

Last year it set fruit for the first time only to have all the olive sized fruit destroyed by a late frost and huge windstorm.

In My Mini Orchard #1

This particular variety took a bit of tracking down as I wanted an all-rounder peach that my mum swears by - well not actually swear (oops sorry mum)

Also this variety is self fertile.

Big thanks to Yalca Fruit Trees for a fantastic online catalogue, it's well worth a browse.

Quoting directly from the Flemings website it is 
"A large, yellow fleshed freestone peach with excellent eating qualities.  Used for fresh fruit, juice, drying and stewing."

Friday, August 15, 2014

I'm Baaaack!

Time to dust myself & the shovel off & get back into this so stay tuned

Asparagus is just poking the first 2 spears for the season through the mulch. 
Photos to come I promise.