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Friday, November 18, 2011

What's in the Box?

Yay my plants arrived

60 Microphyllia Microphyllia or Korean Buxus

30 Red Robin Photinia

Now just have to put up the colourbond fence they are going in front of as a 3 step hedge.
Dark Grey Colourbond Fence, then a row of Photinia,
a row of Blue & White dwarf Agapanthus then the Korean Buxus.

Now I know what's eating the beans!

Darn it, this morning I spotted (no pun intended) 2 x 28 spotted ladybirds chewing merrily away on my beans.

Quickly picked them off & sent to school with DD for show & tell.

But where there are 2, there are going to be a lot more :(

Any solutions for control apart from handpicking?